Introduction to Law

Course Summary

  • Length: 1-10 weeks
  • Delivery: Online
  • Start Date: Mondays
  • Criteria: IELTS B2 level required

Course Content

Discover what are the responsibilities you would have as a lawyer.Students will be introduced to the subject and the methods of law. During the course you will be understanding the fundamentals of the legal system and the nature of the English legal system. Students will also access a range of legal concepts, debates as well as looking into current legal cases and have a broad understanding of the European legal system and Human Rights.
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Definitions
  • English legal system
  • Functions of the Law
  • Types of laws
  • The court system
  • The European Union and Human Rights

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of fundamental of law key definitions and terms and concepts
  • Demonstrate an understanding of critical thinking
  • Understanding of a range of legal subjects
  • Demonstrate understanding of law functionalities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the different type of law and the court systems

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