ATHE Level 4 Law

Programme Overview

Our law qualifications were developed with progression in mind. Our Level 4 Extended Diploma in Law is the first step towards earning your LLB and enhancing a career in the legal sector.

The ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Law is a 120-credit qualification and is equivalent to the first year of a UK degree programme. It has been designed for learners who wish to progress to study a law degree but may not have the traditional entry qualifications usually required. It also prepares learners well for the forthcoming Solicitors Qualifying Examination.

The qualification introduces learners to a range of key areas within the legal profession, equipping them with the knowledge that they need to progress within their careers, onto a level 5 qualification (such as the ATHE Level 5 Extended  Diploma  in  Law)  and  supports  progression  to  LLB  top-up programmes at UK Universities, as well a range of other degrees in law-related subjects. Learners will complete 4 mandatory units worth 30 credits each to achieve the ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Law.

Programme Structure

The ATHE level 4 Diploma consist of four core mandatory units. There are no optional units in this qualification. To be awarded the ATHE level 4 Diploma in Law learners must achieve a minimum of a Pass in all units:

  • Credit Value: 120 credits
  • Mode of Study: Online Blended Learning
  • Assessment: Assignment 
  • Overall Grading Type: Pass, Merit, Distinction 
  • Duration: One Year
  • Fees: £4500 

Module Description

Contract Law

This unit will equip learners with knowledge and understanding  of  the  key  principles  of  contract law, such as: validity of contract; terms of contract; vitiating elements that affect the validity of the contract; the ways in which the contract can come to an end and remedies for breach of contract available. Learners will gain an appreciation to the significance of contract law in commercial, consumer and social contexts.

Criminal Law

This unit will equip learners with knowledge of the general foundations of criminal liability and with understanding of the major types of offences and their constituent elements. The unit aims to enable learners to determine whether specific offences have been committed and whether any defences may be applicable. Learner will explore the aims and nature of criminal law and its function as a protector of the State.

Legal Methods

This unit will equip learners with the knowledge and understanding of the identification, interpretation and analysis of legal sources and materials. The acquired skills will enable the learner to apply the law to the facts of problems in any given legal area, to communicate clearly and persuasively and to reach satisfactory solutions to legal disputes.

Learners will explore fundamental principles and components of the English Legal System, the judiciary and the civil and criminal process and will gain an appreciation of how the main principles underpin all substantive and procedural areas of law.

Public Law

This unit will equip learners with knowledge of the general foundations of constitutional and administrative law, with a particular focus on the main elements of the United Kingdom’s constitution.  The unit will enable learners to identify the significance of the separation of power and the sovereignty of Parliament, as well as the importance of human rights norms. Learners will also be introduced to the basic principles of administrative law and judicial review process.

Entry Criteria:

  • Age: 17 +
  • Academic Criteria: A GCE Advanced level profile with achievement in 2 or more subjects supported by 5 or more GCSEs at grades 4 and above or equivalent
  • A Level 3 qualification in law or legal studies such as the ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Law
  • English Language: IELTS or Anglia Examination level B2 or above. Min 5.5 in each component. 
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